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As you all know, school is out for summer. I'm going to be a junior this upcoming fall. I can't believe I'm in college, it makes me feel so old. lol It really made me realize how fast life goes by. I hope each of you are happy, safe, healthy. The last year has been really hard on me but I'm doing well with the guidance of the Lord in my midst. He's getting me through everything and helping me keep my faith. I have to sadly report that a friend of mine has lost his daughter due to cancer, she passed on yesterday at 4:12p.m. She was 12 years old and stayed strong to her last breath. I hope his family will find strength and comfort together through this hard time in their lives. Please pray for them! It'd be greatly appreciated. Remember that hardships in life can be lifted up during prayer. My friend, Leah, is pregnant and keeps having to go to the hospital because her heart keeps giving her problems. I have a feeling she might end up having the baby early due to this, she's been rushed to a hospital in Birmingham, AL. I hope she's going to be fine, she's like a sister to me! I've been friends with her and her family since I was a child. A friend of a friend of my fathers son is in the hospital, he's 4 months old. His daycare provider shook him and now he has shaken baby syndrome and keeps having seizures. He's staying strong so far and I hope he comes through. Please pray for baby Noah and Leah as well! I'd also appreciate it if you prayed for my family and my friends who are going through hard times. I'll pray for each of you as well. I hope everybody is enjoying their summer and enjoying the times they have with each other. God bless each of you!

your faithful,
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