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both interesting and new

Well, those guys I met a week or so ago, Josh and Tyler, both like me. The thing is I like both of them. On the other hand, I wouldn't date Josh for anything. I like his company don't get me wrong but he's bipolar, arrogant, and he's stuck up. That's the nicest way I know how to say it. I have no problem being friends with someone who is stuck up, however, I don't appreciate him making it sound like he's the most perfect person in the world because he has money or had money or whatever. To me, I don't think you should judge a person based on how much money they have but on his or her character. He told me that he liked me but honestly it can't be because we have anything in common because let's face it WE DON'T! lol As far as Tyler goes, he's sweet as can be and I love talking to him. We have a lot in common. We're both Baptists, both very sweet, both like to laugh, we have a lot of the same qualities and interests. He can make me laugh and smile so easily that it's ridiculous! He told me that he had a surprise for me Wednesday, thing is I have no idea what it is which I guess is why it's a surprise. He said it was something tangible, as if that tells me anything at all. lol Tyler's father is dying and has pancreatic cancer, please keep him in your prayers!! Josh is a very hurt person, I've noticed that from the time I've talked to him. I hope his heart heals soon. Keep him in your prayers as well! I get to see Tyler tomorrow and I'm excited :). I've been sick lately, had the cold really badly around Thanksgiving break and Tyler checked up on me everyday. How sweet is that?! Lol Remember my ex boyfriend Matt? Well, we talked today and it was just like it always is we both care so much for each other but it's like we're stuck. As much as I want to be with Matt, I don't think now is the best time and not just because of Tyler but because not only is Matt STILL dating that girl online that he has never met who could be a liar or goodness knows what but if we were meant to be together right now we would be. I figure I have to respect that even if it does kinda hurt my heart somewhat. I have to keep reminding myself that if I'm meant to be with Tyler or Matt that God will make it happen and that I can only do so much. I'm gonna leave the big worries up to God from now on and just be happy for me. If it's meant to happen, God will find a way for it to and that's all I need to know. This week is the last week of classes (YAY!) Which means, that I only have one more day of my pigeon lab (it's for behavior analysis, psychology). That makes me so unbelievably happy. Lol Thanksgiving was nice, it was good to be around family. My best friend and her daughter came over and so did my uncle, we ate and hung out it was so fun. I helped my mom cook and spent time with her and my father. My sister didn't get to come home for Thanksgiving and it made me kinda sad but she told me she was coming home for Christmas so I'm really glad about that. Her and I have been talking lately and we are trying to figure out ideas of what to get our parents for Christmas. So far, I think we've come up with some good stuff but I won't reveal my sources just incase they get jinxed. :) Happy Holidays from me and mine to you and yours! God bless. :)
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