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You know that I can't live without you

kindle your heart to my heart

8 April 1988
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I'm coming clean
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13 going on 30, a walk to remember, aaron carter, adam brody, adam lamberg, alexis bledel, all that, angel, angels, anime, art, artists, beanie babies, beanie boppers, ben mckenzie, books, britney spears, bubbles, care bears, castor, celebrities, charmed, christopher george marquette, church, cinderella, coldplay, colorbars, craig, david boreanaz, david spade, degrassi, degrassi the next generation, dolphins, donkey, dory, down to you, drake and josh, drake bell, drawing, eli marienthal, ellie, emma roberts, ephraim ellis, ever after, fairly odd parents, falcon beach, final fantasy, finding nemo, flip flops, flowers, fortune cookies, frogs, gingerbread man, haley joel osment, harry potter, head over heels, hearts, hello kitty, here on earth, hope, humor, irish, jack, jennifer garner, jesus, jewelry, jimmy neutron, joan of arcadia, jonathan jackson, josh hartnett, jt, justin timberlake, kermit the frog, keychains, kingdom hearts, larry tudgeman, lindsay lohan, linkin park, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, lord of the rings, love, make up, manny, maroon 5, milo ventimiglia, movies, muppet babies, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, nemo, nick carter, nightmare before christmas, orlando bloom, peanut butter, pears, peter pan, phil of the future, pixel perfect, plums, pollux, powerpuffgirls, prince charming, princess fiona, purses, ricky ullman, ryan cooley, sally, sean, sean faris, sean marquette, she's all that, shrek, simple plan, sleeping beauty, smiles, snow white, songs, squall, stars, stationary, stickers, strawberries, sweet, teddybears, the bible, the o.c., the tribe, the virgin suicides, tidus, tinkerbell, toby, tuck everlasting, tweety bird, unfabulous, usher, video games, york peppermint patties, yuna